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Got Beer? A Systematic Review of Beer and Exercise
Beer is a yeast-fermented alcoholic beverage consisting primarily of water, malted cereals, and hops (Young, n.d.). Although its alcohol content...

Toward a New Measure of Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation, and Amotivation in Sports: The Sport Motivation Scale (SMS)
A new measure of motivation toward sport has been developed in French, namely the Echelle de Motivation vis-à-vis les Sports. Two studies were...

The Effects of Low-Intensity Multimodal Proprioceptive Exercise on Cognitive Function in Older Adults
It has been well reported that participation in physical activity has several physical and psychological benefits for older adults, such as...

Tai Chi for the Prevention of Falls Among Older Adults: A Critical Analysis of the Evidence
Falls among older adults have been researched since the 1940s and are internationally recognized as a public health issue (Speechley, 2011;...

Wall squats strengthen quads, glutes, and hamstrings
Wall Squat: Exercise Ball With Dumbbells
Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals
Beginning PositionGrasp dumbbells with elbows extended and...

Get started with basic exercises
4.1 Knee Flexion and Extension
Exercise FocusActivates the quadriceps and hamstrings in the upper leg.

Quick leg action and agility exercises
Forward CrossoverFocus: quick leg action, agilityMoving left, the right leg crosses in front of the left leg for 10 meters or yards in each...