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Copenhagen adduction exercise can increase eccentric strength and mitigate the risk of groin problems: but how much is enough!
Low eccentric hip adduction strength increases the risk of hip adductor injury in football and ice hockey,1 2 emphasising the role of...

Youth sports in the wake of COVID-19: a call for change Andrew Watson ,1 Jennifer Scott Koontz 2
1Watson A, Koontz JS. Br J Sports Med Month 2020 Vol 0 No 0 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on virtually every facet of life...

Personalising exercise recommendations for healthy cognition and mobility in ageing: time to consider one’s pre-existing function and genotype
As we outlined in Part 1, precise exercise recommendations remain elusive and effects of current recommendations are small to moderate....

Resurgence of sport in the wake of COVID-19: cardiac considerations in competitive athletes
The COVID-19 pandemic brought the global world of sports to a staggering halt. In unprecedented fashion and with few exceptions, professional...

Custom insoles versus sham and GP-led usual care in patients with plantar heel pain: results of the STAP-study - a randomised controlled trial
IntroductionPlantar heel pain, also known as plantar fasciitis or fasciopathy, is a common cause of foot pain. Plantar heel pain accounts for an...

Balancing act: when is an elite athlete who has had COVID-19 safe to return to play? When does prudent investigation go offside into overmedicalising?
Sport and exercise medicine (SEM) physicians are faced with the challenge of advising elite athletes with (suspected) COVID-19 wishing to return...

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